Festival will strengthen Costa Rica as a destination for lesbian tourism 2019

Written by MJ Blanco

Next year, Costa Rica will host the Ella International Lesbian Festival, which will place the country in the global focus as a tourist destination for the lesbian population of the world. This is an activity that takes place every year in Mallorca, Spain, for six years, and brings together approximately 2 thousand women from the five continents. This is the first time that the event will leave Europe.

For a week, the participants will enjoy different inspirational talks, excursions to tourist places, gastronomic festivals to taste the Costa Rica food, night parties, and also beach activities.

"We make this event to create visibility for lesbian and bisexual women, and to provide a unique tourist offer in the world. We focus on cultural exchange and knowing the country, the gastronomy and the culture", said Kristin Hansen, CEO of Ella.

In addition, the initiative will show the differences between what lesbians and gays demand on each trip, as they (the women) are more inclined to the cultural connection and experience than for the party.

The festival will arrive in Costa Rica after the union between the organizers and the Diverse Chamber of Commerce.

"We want to show the country that LGTBI tourism has an important economic impact. This visitor spends on average three times more than the rest, and their priorities are welfare and the purchase of goods", added Mr. Julio César Calvo, president of the Chamber.

The security perceived by the lesbian population, the election of Carlos Alvarado as president, and the natural beauties influenced the selection of the country as the ideal location for the next festival.
The Ella Festival is expected to start in San Jose Costa Rica, the capital city of the country, and travel to the coastal areas to make natural paradises visible and to let the participants enjoy the beautiful Costa Rica beaches. At the moment, the organizers are in the country to define specific locations in San Jose, La Fortuna in San Carlos, the province of Guanacaste – where Liberia Costa Rica is located-, and the area of the Central Pacific, as well as the date.

"We want to involve local companies, Costa Rica hotels, different tour operators, so that the event generates a positive impact in the country", said Marion Couteur, co-organizer.

Usually, the assistants are women between the 40 years, businesswomen, professionals and of high profile which are looking to empower other women. However, anyone who want it can join the group.

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, former prime minister of Iceland, who declared herself homosexual during her tenure was present in the last edition of the festival, held in Mallorca.

To attract participants to the edition that will be held in Costa Rica in 2019, Ella Festival will use social networks, promotion in America and Europe, as well as its databases.

"In general, the LGTBI community suffers from discrimination, so creating quality, positive events that promote good tourism helps open minds", Couteur concluded.

Those interested in attending may purchase tickets or packages -air tickets, lodging and others- through the festival website.

Ella Festival in details:

We know that this event will open even more the market of the LGTBI tourism in the country, at the time that will boost the image of Costa Rica internationally, as the perfect vacation destination for everyone.

If you are interested in knowing more, please, do not hesitate to contact us and we will more than glad to assist you and be in touch with you.


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