Costa Rica, host country of the Pan American Kayak Championship

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Costa Rica, host country of the Pan American Kayak Championship


Costa Rica, host country of the Pan American Kayak Championship

Costa Rica is the host country of the Pan American Canoe Slalom Championship (obstacles in river), organized by the Costa Rican Kayak and Canoeing Federation (Fecokac, due to its name in Spanish).

This important event is being held in the Pejibaye river, hosting the continental contest that will gather the best talent in the sport. The contest will be held from the 16 to the 22 of October and the chosen place for the event was the beautiful town of Turrialba, as the river is located in this pristine region of Costa Rica, famous for its mountains, fresh air, and beautiful landscapes.

“We feel very proud to announce the Pan American Kayak Championship, for Costa Rica this represents a great honor as we are exposing ourselves to the eyes of the world by having so many countries present in this competition. This event will permit the positioning of our country as a training center par excellence, as it was during the nineties”, explained Mr. Eliécer Céspedes, President of the Kayak and Canoeing Federation.

Parallel to the event, the South American Championship will be also held, so they arrange everything to take advantage of the presence and participation of the many participant countries to organize an event as important as this one.

During this competition the region will count with the presence of athletes not only from Costa Rica, but also from the United States, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador and Uruguay.

From Costa Rica, one of the most recognized and experienced athletes that will be participating is Arnoldo Céspedes. He won the 5th place during the Pan American Championship in 2015. Diego Solano, Axel Fonseca, Luis Méndez, Gustavo Tencio, and Aarón Peña are also part of the Costa Rican delegation.

“Among the favorites to win the championship are Brazil, Argentina, and the United States as leaders of the area. Nevertheless, Costa Rica is one of the strongest countries of the Central American region,” explained Róger Madrigal the sports manager of the Costa Rican Kayak and Canoeing Federation.

The tournament seeks to encourage the feminine participation in sportive activities such as these ones, in order to start working in the formation and preparation facing the new Olympic cycle for Japan in 2020.

The event is played individually, with departures in intervals of two minutes and the athlete who makes the best time will be the winner. “We need it to rain at night and not during the day, due to the growth of the rivers. We hope that all the participants can compete under the same conditions,” said Madrigal.

The first four days will be for the athletes to make some practices in the kayaks and the river, and from October 20th will begin the stages for the classification. Saturday 21st will be the semifinals and Sunday 22nd will be played the finals.

This is an important event for the country as it is an opportunity to show the potential of the natural resources Costa Rica has, as well as it is expected that this kind of events attract more tourists and people interested in spend some vacations in Costa Rica.

The country offers a lot of different options to enjoy and visitors will notice that the country is ideal for any kind of traveler: families, honeymoons, solo travelers, group of friends or colleagues, business travel, those looking for delicious foodCosta Rica travel has it all! 


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