Costa Rica Holidays: Every Year La Negrita Brings plenty of believers

Written by Travel ExcellenceOne of the most important Costa Rica Holidays is in August 2nd as the Costa Rican’s celebrate the “Virgen de Los Angeles” day or “La Negrita” day as the ticos called it, by walking from several places in the country to the church were the Virgin is held in Cartago.

When your Costa Rica travel planner tells you about the holidays you should know this is an important one, a huge one. The idea is to have a commitment with La Negrita by being thankful for the things you have or just by asking her for a favor on just to mention her a problem that needs a slution.

The majority of the Costa Rican people start walking from San Pedro, a city in the area of San Jose to end up in Cartago 20 kilometers later.  The walk usually takes about five hours and you can see all types of people: elderly, young people, kids, people who are marriage, every kind.

The Costa Rica history tells that back in 1635 a young woman named Juana Pereira was looking for wood to cook and found a stone where it was leaking crystal water with a doll on it.  The next morning she came back and saw it again, she took it home but the doll disappeared and every time she visited the stone, the doll was back in the same place.

Today that image or doll is in a church in Cartago and people walk to it every year on August 2nd to honor it.  If you want to make this walk you should tell your Costa Rica travel agency to come around this time of the year.

This holiday has become such an important situation in the country that the news channels are usually giving Costa Rica travel tips to the foreigners that come to the country to make this walk and to make an offer to La Negrita.

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