Costa Rica Family Tours: Langosta Beach Guanacaste

Written by Peter Conrad

Costa Rica is blessed to be located between two big water masses: Pacific coast and Caribbean Sea. The Pacific side is where most of the top beaches in the country are located, it has white and dark sand, but the Caribbean side is where we have some of our treasures too.

For example, in the North Caribbean we have our little amazon that is called Tortuguero, and in the South Caribbean we have Cahuita, Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo that are only some of the most beautiful beaches in this region, the difference there is that this is the home of the Afro Caribbean culture, which is very interesting to explore.

On this article, we will be talking a little bit of the North Pacific, specifically in Tamarindo – Langosta area, located in the  Guanacaste province, and very close to Liberia International Airport, both are very close to each other and are touristy places, but nicer spots where you will have a lot to do on your family trip to Costa Rica. We want to share with you the experience that Mr. Peter Conrad had when visited the area:

“The last time I wrote, I were in Grande Beach, south of Tamarindo Beach in Guanacaste, North Pacific Coast. Grande Beach is a perfect spot for surfing, with the same great waves that you find in Tamarindo, but in a quieter, lonely beach. I continued my Costa Rica vacations travel near Tamarindo, to another beautiful beach called Langosta (that means Lobster in english).

Langosta is an exotic beach, with a rocky shoreline, pockets of sand, and pristine water with the color of the sky. It is another great place for a surf trip in Costa Rica, although it is crowded at some times of the year. Langosta always attracts surfers from Tamarindo, as well as tourists and locals enjoying the beauty of the area.

The estuary is close to the beach, separating Langosta from Grande and Tamarindo beaches. It is close to the Las Baulas National Park, a protected zone and one of the most important nesting places for the leatherback sea turtle in the Americas. If you come between October and March, you will be able to see the egg layoff in Las Baulas. To the east and south sides, you can see beautiful mountains.

Other activities that you can enjoy in Langosta, are world-class sport fishing, windsurfing, snorkeling, horseback riding, biking and mountain bike. The weather is perfect during the year, with the occasional rain in the afternoon during the rainy season. You will find some family resorts and restaurants in Langosta, but if you look for a place to stay with more services, go to Tamarindo Costa Rica, it is a short driving distance between the two places.

The three beaches in the Tamarindo area, which are Tamarindo, Playa Grande and Langosta, are a place where you must go if you are coming to enjoy a vacation package here. There is everything from great day activities, adventure for the best family tours, great places to stay and eat, beautiful views and great nightlife.

How to get there

The best family vacation in Costa Rica must include a visit to the beach, and it is usually at the end of the trip to rest, relax and take sun before leaving this natural paradise. What is amazing is that you can connect Guanacaste and its beaches with almost all the destinations, you can go to Arenal, Monteverde, San Jose or the Central Pacific area first and then end in Guanacaste.

The most amazing thing is that  you can arrive or depart from Liberia or if you arrive or depart from San Jose International Airport and do not want to spend too much time driving, you can take a domestic flight, which also constitute one great way to get there.

You can also take shuttle services between areas, if you enjoy sharing with other tourists, but please consider that it has scheduled times that we cannot choose neither change. If you prefer comfort and do not want to share with more people, the best option for your family trip to Costa Rica is the private transportation, that you can choose your pick up times and lastly but no less important, if you are more adventurous, you can take a public bus that takes longer and usually depart from the capital, or hire a car to maximize your time during your family holiday.

Lodging in the area

We would like to suggest you some nice properties, that could be your option for your family trip:
Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas, this is a small boutique hotel, which also offers villas for big families, it is maybe the more luxurious property located in Langosta beach, and it has also a private access to the beach.

Tamarindo Diria Hotel, it is a Costa Rica family resort, with a direct access to the beach, the hotel is divided into two buildings and one is beach front, it has a good quantity of different restaurants to choose, which is great for families with children.

Occidental Tamarindo, an all-inclusive family resort, located in Langosta beach, it is located right on the beach. It offers activities for adult and children and it was renewed recently, it used to be Barcelo Playa Langosta Hotel.

Jardín del Edén, it is a property recommended for your Costa Rica honeymoon, is a small thematic hotel, located in Tamarindo area, is not beach front, but is close to the beach too, it is important to consider that this hotel is for adults only.

Capitán Suizo, small boutique property, beach front with a direct access to the beach, it has separate bungalows and also has an apartment for families, very nice and quiet property.

Esplendor Hotel, this is maybe the newest property in the area. It is up on a hill, not beach front but very close to the sea with a beautiful view, and it offers access to a beach club.

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