Great Spas to enjoy in Costa Rica during your next vacations

Written by Peter Conrad

Costa Rica is a destination for all the desires, tastes and needs. If you are looking for spas to enjoy during your next vacations in the tropics, please consider that it has a good variety of luxury hotels and many tempting proposals of Spas for vacations. The offer also adjusts to the best honeymoon spots, high end families or solo travelers who prefers comfort and privacy.

The facilities and services are specifically developed to be a popular option for tourists and definitely you will find in Costa Rica the best places to visit during your holidays if looking for relaxation. Here you will find some of the country’s Spas that are considered one of among the best ones in the world.

Being a relaxing way to enjoy the family holidays, Travel Excellence wants to suggest not only some spas in the country but also new and different options to experience a relaxing and affordable Costa Rica family vacation packages and for sure, its spas.

San José Resorts & Spa

Costa Rica Spas to visit during your next vacation

Xandari Resort & Spa

This beautiful property is located at 20 minutes approximately from the San Jose International Airport, one of the best family resorts in the Central Valley. Xandari Resort & Spa has a great view as it is located on Alajuela mountains; a personalized service is one of its values and the spa treatments can be offered in open bungalows with a view of the amazing valley.

Costa Rica Marriott

It is certainly a chain hotel located very close to San Jose downtown and maybe is not the most attractive for those who do not like big resorts, but its service quality, and high standards world known, constitute one of the important reasons to consider it when booking Costa Rica Marriott. Its spa is just amazing, you will not feel like you are in the city, and it is another option in for families.

Pacuare Lodge

Located in the peaceful Turrialba mountains, secluded and close to indigenous communities living on the river banks. Pacuare Lodge's spa has a beautiful and relaxing music, the one that is naturally produced for the river and the birds in the surroundings. If you are looking for a family adventure, this is the right place.

El Silencio Lodge

Located in Costa Rica’s tropical cloud forest, El Silencio Lodge is an eco-luxury hotel, perfect for relaxation and nature lovers. El Silencio features five hundred acres with hidden waterfalls, a nature-immersed spa, yoga, hiking, meditation, and healthy organic cuisine available on site. It is one of the most recommended properties for having and enjoying your romantic Costa Rica honeymoon.


Located in El Cacao de Alajuela, skirting the Poas Volcano, Asclepios, (honoring the Greek God of Health), offers guests rooms, yoga and meditation pavilion and organic restaurant. All the treatments are done by high skilled spa therapists and a selected team of holistic practitioners from all over the world. Your spa vacation packages, should start or end there, as it is very close to the International Airport.

Spa Located in Arenal & La Fortuna Area

Nayara Resort Spa and Gardens ,Costa Rica Spas to visit during your next vacation

Tabacon Hot Springs and Spa

Tabacon Hot Springs and Spa is located near the famous Arenal volcano, this award-winning Grand Spa joined the Leading Spas of the World in 2007, is on the top of spa rankings worldwide and named one of the "best mineral spas". The resort provides different native treatments and caring therapy experiences. The spa experience is a must in your visit to La Fortuna Costa Rica where you will enjoy a total relaxation time.

The Springs Resort and Spa

The Springs Resort and Spa it is perfect for your family vacation itinerary, because it has big rooms and villas, hot springs in the property and a club for adventure activities. Its Spa is an oasis of peace, and the lodge is secluded and has a beautiful view of the volcano.

Nayara Resort Spa and Gardens

The property is known as one of the best ones in the country, we highly recommend Nayara Resort Spa and Gardens for couples who are traveling for their honeymoon, as it offers separate bungalows immersed into tropical gardens with a very private view of the Arenal Volcano. The spa is also known as one of the best ones in the country.

Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa

Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa it is also located very close to Arenal Volcano and a good option in for families. It has a good location, secluded, with beautiful gardens and a spa that is in the quiets place.

Manuel Antonio Spa Services

Gaia Hotel and Reserve ,Costa Rica Spas to visit during your next vacation

Arenas del Mar Luxury Beachfront Hotel

Arenas del Mar Luxury Beachfront Hotel is located close to the Manuel Antonio National Park, is a beautiful beach front hotel and is almost the only one that has a direct and private access to the beach. Your tropical honeymoon can include this cozy hotel, as it is more recommended for couples and there is nothing to say about its spa, it is just incredible.

Gaia Hotel and Reserve:

This is an adult only hotel, located up on a hill, in Manuel Antonio. It has a relaxing and nice spa; and it is a small property and very private, perfect for honeymooners.

Puerto Viejo Limón Spa

Le Caméléon ,Costa Rica Spas to visit during your next vacation

Le Caméléon

Le Caméléon is certainly the best hotel of the South Caribbean side of the country. It adjusts to families or couples and has a good quality spa and a beach club, where you can enjoy one of the best beaches in Costa Rica.

Guanacaste Hotels & Resorts with Spa

Cala Luna Luxury Hotel & Villas ,Costa Rica Spas to visit during your next vacation

JW Marriott

Even it is a big resort, this is not an all-inclusive hotel but it is certainly a high-end property that offer very good spa treatments. JW Marriott family resort, has a good location as it is right on the beach and it also has a kids’ club.

Cala Luna Luxury Hotel & Villas

This is one of the best boutique hotels in Guanacaste, the spa bungalows are immersed into the nature and are open, so you can hear the live nature. Cala Luna Luxury Hotel & Villas has beautiful rooms and villas for big families with private plunge pools.

El Mangroove Hotel

El Mangroove Hotel astonishing beach front property, is another good decision for your family trip in the country, as it is located in one of the nicest beaches here, and its bungalows are secluded, apart from the main facilities so you can rest and be disconnected from the world and enjoy your Spa treatment a lot.

Nicoya Peninsula - Guanascaste

Flor Blanca ,Costa Rica Spas to visit during your next vacation

Flor Blanca

Flor Blanca spa made of bamboo is very different and unique and one of the best in the area. This beach hotel is recognized as one of the best ones that can be found in the country, the place where it is located is very different, nice and featuring a relax atmosphere.

Casa Chameleon

Casa Chameleon offer separate villas, only for adults, so it is perfect for honeymoons. One of its values is the Spa service in the villas, that will offer you more comfort and privacy while enjoying a relaxing massage or Spa treatment without leaving your villa.

These are some of the luxury hotels that we can offer you, to include into your vacation packages, there are too much more options that our expert travel designers can recommend you according to your desires, just contact us if you require more details about your spa vacation packages.

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