Best beaches in Guanacaste province Costa Rica.

Written by Isabella Anderson

An exotic country, an oasis of peace, harmony, nature, and beautiful landscapes, all of this are interesting facts that prove it is a place with amazing secluded spots that you need to explore when traveling here. And these are only some of all the reasons why you must come and discover in this paradise located in Central America.

When you are planning a vacation package for your next holidays, you should think about consider a visit to the different forests, with a lot of microclimates, where you will find different activities and atmospheres to enjoy with family, couple, friends or why not, alone?

Here in the country you can enjoy cloud forest, rain forest and dry forest experiences, become part of the jungle, know the main cities and, of course, the top and best beaches. All of these are amazing and unique spots, perfect for an incredible family travel.

On this article, we want to share with you the experience that one of our travelers, Mrs. Isabella Anderson, had when visited Azul Beach, an almost undiscovered area.

“As part of my vacations, I wanted to go to every beach that I could find in Guanacaste. From the northern beaches such as Tamarindo, Hermosa, Panama, to the southern ones in the Nicoya Peninsula. I took the time to visit every place that I could. It was a hard task, but someone had to step in for it! If you are planning a trip to the country, my experiences could help you in your quest for the perfect tour in the country.

Some of the prettiest Guanacaste beaches are located in the southern Peninsula, 2 hours from Liberia, and stand out for its natural beauty and not being as crowded as the most popular beaches like Flamingo and Coco Beach.

This area has a lot of well-known beaches, and some of the best surfing beaches like Samara, Nosara, Montezuma, Malpaís and Santa Teresa. However, there are also small beaches, some very well hidden or with difficult access. Those places will reward you with an amazing natural beauty, absolute quietness, and the feeling of being one of the few to reach them. Azul Beach is one of those special spots for your family trip.

To get to Azul Beach (Blue Beach, in English), you will need to drive from Samara to Nosara, approximately 23 miles, going thru Guiones and Ostional and finally Azul. The trip from San Jose takes around 6 hours, and you can drive from Liberia if you land at the Liberia International Airport.

You could also take a bus to Nosara and take a cab to the beach, which is approximately a 40-minute ride. Just consider that getting a cab in Azul Beach is almost impossible, so book the round trip in advance. You could also fly to the Nosara Airstrip and drive from there. If you rent a car, use a 4x4, since the access to Azul Beach is not paved. This will certainly be an authentic part of the family adventure.

What will you find in Azul Beach? A lonely beautiful beach with warm, clear water, and brown sand. The dry forest and the ocean dominate the landscape. It is the perfect vacation getaway, a great place to relax and escape from everything.”

It is an isolated beach, small and private, with virgin nature in the surroundings. This beach is not touristy spot and that’s why it could be one of the best things to do during your family holidays, especially if you prefer being off the beaten track, far from the crowded cities as it is a place to be in contact with wildlife: Here you can easily hear the monkeys and do some birdwatching in the surroundings.

Azul Ocean Club Hotel

This is the only one property located in the area, a beautiful small, cozy and charming boutique hotel. Undoubtedly, this is the place where you should stay if want to be more adventurous and stay surrounded by nature enjoying all the benefits of ecotourism on a secluded spot, far from touristy places.

This property is located right on the beach and features a gym, a nice restaurant and a fresh views of the surroundings, so you will not need to look for outside facilities, there is all you need during your stay.

If you want to have more details about what to do here or in the country, please contact us and our travel designers will help you with the arrangements for your trip.

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