Relaxing vacations at Playa Cativo in Golfo Dulce Costa Rica

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Relaxing vacations at Playa Cativo in Golfo Dulce Costa Rica

A happy couple that decided to share their unforgettable experience in their Costa Rica Vacations sent us this testimonial. Mary Ann & Chase were here from November 6th to the 10th, and was responsible for all their services.

My wife and I just got married and we decided to arrange a Costa Rica honeymoon package because this Central America little country has the most amazing beaches and wonderful places to discover.

We arrived in the San Jose airport, in the capital city of the country, and went straight to our hotel because our amazing honeymoon was about to begin. We slept all night after a wonderful dinner and at 5:30am, and a guide from Travel Excellence named Gustavo picked us up at the hotel to begin our journey.

It took us about 20 minutes to get to the airport, then we check in at the Sansa Airlines counter and just a few minutes later we were on the air traveling to our next destination: Golfito.

We were amazed watching the Central Valley and all its ridges…and when we started watching the ocean water, we got even more excited because we knew that we would arrive in any moment.

We landed at the Golfito Airstrip after a great flight, and all the beautiful sceneries we watched from the heights were an omen that told us that we were going to enjoy a great ride.

After picking up the luggage, we left the airstrip and Luis, Playa Cativo Hotel’s Manager, picked us up, accompanied by the captain and some of the hotel staff. Then, we took the boat that would lead us to the hotel. We boarded and the fun began! We enjoyed an incredible landscape of Golfito and Piedras Blancas National Park.

The 35 minutes trip on the boat flew by; the sea was calm and the breeze crashed into our faces.

Finally, we landed and we were greeted by the hotel staff with a delicious cocktail and a wet towel to refresh. We were delighted with the Costa Rican coffee and a delicious breakfast that gave us the strength to begin the adventure of the rest of the day.

We prepared our outfit, our hiking boots and comfortable clothes, and within minutes we were stuck in the deep mountains accompanied by our guide Mauricio. We listened and watched birds and giant trees around us and we could see how the forest is constantly renewed.

After a while, we arrived to a peaceful place, visited by many animals such as deer, peccaries, raccoons, sloths, agoutis, and of course, different kinds of birds. After enjoying a few minutes in that magical place we continued walking towards the organic garden where they grow the products they use in the hotel’s restaurant. We drunk a pipe – a small coconut - and ate the delicious insides.

Playa Cativo, Costa Rica.

After a while there, we started our way back to the hotel by the seashore and during the walk, we had the joy to see a hawk, my favorite bird.

When we arrived to the hotel, we enjoyed the most exquisite lunch at the restaurant of the hotel, which is a perfect combination of Costa Rican typical food and International cuisine. After that incredible meal we decided to take a break.

I relaxed in the restaurant where I could watch the birds and listen to the roar not far away from the waves; and my wife decided to relax by the palm trees on the shore of the beach.

A while later, the captain was waiting for us so we could start another expedition, this time through the river. We took a kayak tour and even though it was our first experience doing this activity we got to observe many birds and lizards and we enjoyed a lot the tour. Once we got to the end, the boat was waiting for us and we started our ride back the hotel.

On the way it started to rain, but this meant nothing because we had the opportunity to observe dolphins and they gave us quite a show playing with the boat. Upon our return, the staff of the hotel greeted us with wet towels again and we went to our room to prepare for dinner.

We decided to drink a Costa Rican beer, a very good accompaniment to our meal. Finishing the meal, we went straight to our room to rest. Nights at this hotel are simply amazing! The sound of the sea, the forest and even the silence… it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The next day we got up early thanks to the particular natural alarm: the howler monkeys. Before having a typical breakfast, we decided to tour the gardens where we saw lots of birds. In fact, in this place you can observe more than 100 species of birds. It´s a real paradise for bird watching vacations!

After this little tour we had breakfast and got ready for the first tour of the day: paddle boarding. This is a very fun activity, of course requires a lot of practice but it is a must when you come to this area.

We returned to the hotel and decided to take another tour. We wanted to do as much as possible during our stay, so we made the trek to the waterfall. It is a steep hike but trust me, it’s totally worth it.

We were very anxious because we knew that we would observe landscapes that were going to steal our breath. The walk takes about 30 minutes and it is hard but when you arrive it is incredible...This waterfall exceeded all our expectations, we swam in the crystal clear waters and the view was breath taking. We didn’t want to return, but it was time for lunch and, as always, the food was delicious.

In the afternoon we decided not to take any tour but we went to photograph birds and just relax in some chairs that were poolside. During dinner we were joined by the different animal sounds again, our farewell concert.

The next day, we said good-bye to the hotel staff before 5am and boarded the boat knowing the adventure had finished. We observed an extraordinary sunrise while waiting at the airport to board the plane.

The fly was very quiet and we enjoyed again the beautiful attractions of Costa Rica from above. When we were back in San Jose, we waited for our guide Juan Carlos of Travel Excellence that took us to the hotel.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Costa Rica, my wife and I are eager to return!


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