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About the Hotel

Rios Tropicales Lodge is located on a 2000 acre private reserve, at the mouth of the Pacuare Gorge, inside the Pacuare Protected Zone. This private Reserve borders the indigenous Cabecar Indian Reserve and contains more than 40 miles of hiking trails and numerous waterfalls, streams, and natural pools.

There are two ways to access the Lodge, via rafting or hiking along a trail. The various accommodations are set on the mountainside at varying slope heights, affording fantastic views of the river and the dense rainforest surroundings. In spite of its remote location, Rios Tropicales Lodge offers electricity and hot showers thanks to its hydro-powered generator system, a model of ecotourism and sustainable business practices. This beautiful Lodge invites guests to relax, explore, and enjoy Costa Rica’s natural paradise.

What’s Included during your stay at Rios Tropicales Lodge? Other available optional tours: Highly recommended:
  • The hike to the nearby Bajo Tigre Community, where guests will learn from local community members about their sustainable farming and environmentally responsible actions.

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