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Chayote Lodge
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Chayote Lodge

Located only 50 minutes away from Juan Santamaría International Airport, between de towns of Naranjo and Zarcero, Chayote Lodge lays in the outskirts of the…

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This rural and beautiful town is part of the Central Valley areas, as it is located in the province of Alajuela, which is well-known due to its vast green landscapes, its agriculture, and the possibility of enjoying different activities that will be always part of the unforgettable memories of any traveler.

Naranjo is surrounded by verdant forests and, even though it is a small town, it offers a lot of different adventures to discover and diverse locations to explore. This area was built thanks to generations of agriculture and hard work of the local farmers and residents, and it is surrounded by true natural wonders and magical landscapes.

Traveling to Naranjo is an experience that will refresh your senses. The village is quiet and visitors can soak in their calm and relaxed vibe, something that feels good when on vacation! Plus, the climate here is very comfortable: warm and sunny most of the time, but also with the characteristic fresh air of the mountains and rainforests.

Naranjo hotels are not big chain properties or all-inclusive resorts but are small boutique and cozy places to stay when vacationing here. Its unparalleled charm is a combination of the local elements, the natural surroundings, and the years of history, culture, hard work and a well-defined identity of those who live there.

This is an ideal place for visitors who love to travel in different ways, traveling the off the beaten paths and getting closer to the locals and the real culture of a country or a place. 

Among the activities that can be done here, those who decide to include this stop in their vacation itinerary will enjoy cooking classes with the local families, dancing experiences in the town, hiking through the forests and the multiple paths that can be found in the region, exploring the natural richness of the biodiversity – both, flora and fauna are impressive -, observing different bird species or little reptiles, insects and mammals, and more… much more!

Coffee production is a very important activity that visitors can also enjoy when touring here thanks to educational coffee tours – and tasting the best coffee cups, of course –. Those tours offer the possibility to being close to an essential tradition and industry here, as coffee has been since the beginning of the town. A must experience in Naranjo!

This magical place is located very close to some of the main attractions in Costa Rica. For example, the Arenal Volcano is located in La Fortuna, which is located less than two hours driving from Naranjo. Here, a lot of other options of tours can be enjoyed too, plus the well-known thermal waters, which are one of the most requested attractions of the area.

The main international airport of the country is located very close to the village, as both are part of the Alajuela province. San Jose and Heredia are neighbors of this province so it is easy to be moving from one to another. Seen this way, Naranjo is a good option to spend the first or last days of your vacations in paradise.

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