How to plan the Cheapest Vacation Packages All Inclusive to Costa Rica in 4 Easy Steps. Save time and money!

Written by Angie Vargas
April 14, 2014

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Even when you have a limited budget, you can enjoy unforgettable Costa Rica vacations. You only need to know how much are you willing to spend and what tourist attractions you want to visit and we at Travel Excellence will find the best travel deals to create the cheapest vacation packages all inclusive.

But beyond finding good travel deals, there are also some travel tips that we want to give you because we are sure they are going to help you when you are planning cheap vacations.

Step 1: Travel at the right season

When you are traveling to Costa Rica, you need to know that there are three specific seasons in most of the hotels and resorts: Green Season, High Season and Peak Season. These seasons are defined by special days like Holy week, Christmas and New Year, and the rainy season.

Obviously, traveling in Peak Season is not a good idea if you are looking cheap deals.

To find the cheapest vacation packages all inclusive it is better if you travel in high season, or even better, in green season. This way you will find the best hotel deals and the lowest rates in domestic flights and tours.

Green season is generally after Holy week and before Thanksgiving and if you plan to travel in that period you only need to take into account the rainy season. Luckily, Costa Rica weather is fabulous and even when we are in rainy season, rains usually come in the afternoon, leaving the mornings sunny and the night sky filled with stars.

Step 2: Use shared transfers and book regular tours

One of the best ways to save money and create the cheapest vacation packages all inclusive is using shared transfers and booking regular tours instead of private services. And this doesn’t mean you will have to travel with tons of people or in the public bus, there are good and cheap options for you if you decide to take this advice.

Regarding the shared transfers, there are transportation companies that offer shuttle transfers to almost all Costa Rica destinations. This option is cheaper than private transfers and you will travel safe. You only have to take into account that they have specific pick up times depending the hotels.

In case of the activities, all Costa Rica tour companies offer both, regular and private services. If you book a regular service, you will have to share the transportation and the guide with other people, but usually no more than 8. This will save you some money and will also give you the opportunity to share the experience with people from other countries.

Step 3: Choose the correct Costa Rica hotel

People usually think that cheap and poor quality are synonymous, and that’s no true! In Costa Rica you can find the most beautiful cheap hotels with some incredible travel deals and experience a first class service in them. There are cozy boutique hotels and all-inclusive resorts with amazing cheap deals for Green Season that can be included in one cheap Costa Rica vacation package.

The thing is to choose the correct hotel and is here to help you.

Step 4: Book an all-inclusive vacation package

One of the best ways to have a cheap trip is booking an all-inclusive vacation package created by the experts. Why? Because we know the best places to stay in Costa Rica, the right time to come and go and how to include the main attractions and top destinations in the itinerary.

With an all-inclusive package you won’t have to worry about the transportation, the activities and choosing the correct hotel, you will only have to give the travel agent your travel dates and your budget and that’s it. They will create a magic but cheap trip for you!

Travel Excellence has a Costa Rica vacation package specially design for people like you, looking unforgettable cheap vacations. Discover Costa Rica is a 7 day package that will give you the opportunity to visit two of the most popular destinations of the country: Manuel Antonio National Park and Arenal Volcano.

The first and last night are included in a San José hotel conveniently located in the heart of the capital city, close to the main tourist attractions. That way you can book fun activities like visits to the museums and theaters, or depending on your flight times, even a visit to one of the closest volcanoes.

Two nights are included in Arenal. The first day you will visit Arenal Volcano National Park and will be able to relax in the best thermal water places in the area where you can enjoy a healthy and relaxing soak.

The second day you will experience the thrilling adventure of the hanging bridges during the Sky Walk tour, the perfect combination between a hike through the lush rainforest of the Arenal area and the adventure of the suspended bridges. Also, you can book other activities like a Canopy tour for a real adrenaline rush.

To end the journey, two nights are included in Manuel Antonio beach. One of the best spots in Costa Rica to see wildlife and enjoy the beach. Watch sloths and monkeys moving through the tree canopy, surprise iguanas resting on a tree and listen to the songs of the various birds.

If you like, you can hike additionally through the trails and enjoy unspoiled, un-crowded, pristine beaches after or you can stay at the beach for a relaxing afternoon.

As you can see, a Costa Rica vacation package is the best option for you if you want to optimize your time here and save some money.

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