Costa Rica Travel Tips: Enjoying Your Travel Abroad

Written by Peter Conrad
September 2, 2013

When vacationing in Costa Rica, you are able to put many standard vacation adventures together all in one. For example, there are great beaches in Costa Rica. Also, you have so much other types of beautiful landscape and national parks. Did you know that the parks actually cover almost a quarter of the entire Costa Rican landscape? While Costa Rica is not the largest country by any standards, it provides travelers 5 percent of the whole world’s biodiversity! Can you imagine all of the different things you can find here? You’re definitely going to want to bring a camera. Besides the beaches and the landscape, there is plenty of culture and cuisine available as well.

Most people don’t know that Costa Rican beaches extend to two different bodies of water, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. So, this is unique and gives travelers two different types of experiences. Have you ever seen a volcano before? They are known for their active volcanoes as well! Many countries in this beautiful area of Central America have often had political turmoil going on, making it tough for vacationers. However, Costa Rica has generally not gotten involved in much of that mess, and it is considered a highly-favored travel destination. Plus, it’s affordable, so it makes a luxury vacation packagesavailable to practically anyone!

Diverse climate also awaits you, so you want to be researched on the climate in the area for what time of year you are traveling. Imagine traveling into this diverse country, having never seen much of the natural beauty you’re about to see. Now imagine the fact that there are over 1500 different types of orchids. That statistic alone can help you realize just how beautiful and exotic Costa Rica is to a traveler. So prepare for an amazing adventure as you embark upon your journey.

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