Costa Rica: A Worthwhile Travel Destination

Written by Peter Conrad
November 18, 2013

Costa Rica is one of the favorite travel destinations for a good number of people from across the globe. This Central American country is bordered by two amazing ecosystems, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Numerous things make this country the perfect travel destination. The Tortuguero National park is considered by conservationists as a vital breeding ground for green turtles. Turtles are considered as endangered species at a risk of extinction. Therefore, their breeding grounds should be jealously guarded. Visiting the park at night is the perfect time to see the beautiful turtles laying their eggs. Additionally, manatees and sloths are seen at a close range in this park.

San José, the capital city is undoubtedly an interesting tourist attraction in Costa Rica.Attractions such as the history museum must be visited. Volcanoes are also an interesting thing to watch. Most of these are found in national parks. For example, the famous Arenal Volcano, which has the Arenal Lake nearby, is the only volcano in Costa Rica that people can watch it while kayaking on the magnificent lake.

If you are planning on coming for a vacations in Costa Rica, we suggest to pay attention to the following tips:

Tip number one - Take advantage of the green season also known as rainy season (May through November). You can find the best travel deals for stays during this season. So take your time and analyze the possibility of planning your vacation in Costa Rica for the green season. Important, regardless of your travel dates, make sure to bring a light rain jacket, usually it rains year-round in this tropical country.

Tip number two - It is important for you yo know that unlike other countries in Central America, that you can found clean potable tap water throughout the country. Also, most tourists find that they can enjoy the Costa Rican local food without repercussions on their stomachs.

Tip number three - If you are planning on renting a car, we highly recommend to rent it with GPS as directions to the different tourist destinations can sometimes be very difficult to follow even for the Ticos (Costa Rica citizens). Also, we highly recommend to ask your travel agency or tour operator about the road conditions of the destinations you want to visit, depending on the destination and the travel dates, you may need to rent a 4x4.

We hope this quick tips can help you plan your next vacation in Costa Rica. If you need more tips or other travel advice, feel free to contact us, we will gladly help you.

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