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Located less than one hour from the historic Caribbean town of Port of Limón and 2:45 hours from the city of San José. It is surrounded by 100% Rainforest. The park is a buffer zone for La Amistad International Park ("Friendship International Park"), which is shared by Costa Rica and Panamá.

Immerse yourself in 1300 hectares (3400 acres) of tropical rainforest while relishing breathtaking views of endless mountains. Enjoy the world´s largest nocturnal-ambience frog habitat; delve deep into the forest on diverse walking trails and through the canopy level on an aerial tram or a zipline ("canopy tour"), admiring the sights and sounds of wild flora and fauna; feel the thunder of a spectacular waterfall almost at your fingertips; and learn at Veragua Biological Research Station, where you can see researchers discovering new species!

The park has a restaurant, a coffee shop, a souvenir shop and full accessible trails.

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