Full Day Kekoldi Waterfall Indigenous Reserve


About the Tour

The tour offers the opportunity to learn about the Kèköldi indigenous territories while enjoying a natural walk amidst the lush trails and the exuberant landscapes of the tropical forest. During the tour the naturalist guide will explain about the culture of the region and also about the green iguana reproduction project, the process and reproduction stages of those reptiles. On the way to the top of the mountain, visitors can observe many tree species such as the pylon, the mountain almond, the medlar and ceibo, all characteristic of the primary rainforest. The howler and white-faced monkeys, different species of ants, birds and a lot of different plants are also part of the biodiversity that involves the trip.
The guide will take you to the highest point, about 222 meters above the sea, where a tower was built specially for observing migrating birds twice a year. From September to December and February to May it is possible to have more than 400,000 birds in one day. Also, from this point you can appreciate the wonderful landscape of the Talamanca mountains and the coastal zone with a beautiful view of Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, Puerto Limon, and Uvita. 
After enjoying a traditional indigenous lunch at the research center, visitors can buy handicrafts made by the woman organization of the community and, this way, contribute to the development of the town. Then, after a short break, the walk continues towards the waterfall in the Kekoldi Indian Reserve. Be prepared for an intense hike and some fun in the water!
From there, all visitors will walk until the exit of the reserve to the main road again.

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