Costa Rica ranking #4 as one of the best countries for Solo Travelers according with

There are some important things to take into account when you are planning your vacations, but one of the most important is: knowing well whom are you traveling with. Why? Because the arrangements are different if you are traveling with little children, your couple or your friends. In this article however we will talk a little about solo travelers.

Travel + Leisure magazine wrote about this kind of journeys recently. As the article says, traveling alone is the best way to “experience the world without the influence of a friend or partner’s tastes, prejudices, or preferences.” In fact, the people say that traveling alone is perfect for people who want to discover themselves, rather than discover a place.

The article talks about the special concerns that solo travelers have, like the safety of the country they are visiting and the happiness that can be experienced there. The happiness? Well, they think that solo travelers need to visit places with hospitable people, where they can interact with the locals without problems and where the connection with the new culture can be a beautiful experience.

And that’s where Costa Rica appears. The article named the 20 best destinations for solo travelers - based on the safety and happiness that each one has - and this small country is the number 4 of the list and the number 1 of America.

Costa Rica is the number 42 in the safety ranking and the number 1 in the happiness ranking, so planning some Costa Rica vacations is a really good idea if you want to travel alone. The article says for example that the concept of adventure travel was born here, due to the big amount of fun activities such as surfing, whitewater rafting, fishing or canopy that can be done.

In addition, the article explains that you can easily find comfort in Costa Rica, thanks to the variety of boutique hotel options in the cloud forest or the beach that the country has.

We are also ranking #10 as a Travel Solo place according to

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