Walking Quetzal Tour

San Gerardo de Dota & Perez Zeledon

About this activity

San Gerardo de Dota is home to a large population of one of the most beautiful birds in the Americas, the Resplendent Quetzal. From the Trogoniade Family and sacred bird to the ancient indigenous cultures, Quetzals have a peaceful and tranquil living in the area and reside here all year round. The climate and good amount of food (the Aguacatillo tree is where the find their food) provide a great habitat for these birds.  

Join your local guide for coffee, before departing at 6:00 am on a quest to find Quetzals. The guide, will lead the tour to try to spot some of them for you.  With its metallic green plumage, crimson breast and bell and its incredible streamer-like feathers, watching a male Quetzal in its magical fly, is a unique and breathtaking experience.
Depending on the season the tour may depart directly from the Lodge or may require transportation to a nearby location. (Transportation is included in price). After the walk, you will return to the Lodge at 8:00 am for breakfast.

Difficulty: Mild.
What to bring: Make sure to bring a good jacket, raingear, walking/comfortable shoes and camera and binoculars. 

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