San Jose Walking Tour - Chepecletas

Central Valley

About this activity

San José is full of people expressing themselves, hard working street vendors who flood the streets with an incredible assortment of products and those who are hurrying to and coming from work every day. Art Decó and neoclassical buildings impose themselves discretely as the expression of last century’s legacy of coffee growing visionaries. The history of a Costa Rica young society is underlying in the parks, museums, theatres and hidden corners of the capital city.

This original walking tour was first started in 2010 by a group of young, dynamic and innovative people whose aim is to show a new and different side of the city few people can see. This visit is also focused on four key aspects of Costa Rica’s society: peace, health, environment and education. San José is a small city, one that can be walked, and a city to be rediscovered!

Duration: 2 hours.

What to bring? Comfortable shoes, light clothing, camera, sunblock, light jacket if the weather demands it.

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