Savegre River Rafting From Manuel Antonio

Central Pacific

About this activity

Savegre River is without a doubt one of the most pristine rivers in the country and is wonderfully surrounded by lush vegetation thanks to its proximity to Manuel Antonio National Park. In fact, this river flows south until reaching an estuary in this world-known National Park located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.   

The river features class II and III rapids, which are perfect for Costa Rica family vacations. This means that even children of a certain age are not going to miss the opportunity to enjoy this experience. It’s important to mention the fact that Costa Rica white water rafting companies are always on the lookout for that all safety measures are met, so they will ensure that children meet height and weight necessary for life jackets for example.

Difficulty: Moderate

What to bring? Rubber-soled shoes that can get, swimsuit, waterproof sunscreen lotion, hat, croakies or straps to secure glasses, clothing change.

Minimum age: 5 years old

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