Naranjo River Rafting Tour From Jaco

Central Pacific

About this activity

One of the main reasons to visit Costa Rica is the combination of nature and adventure that can be experienced in almost all the activities included in the vacation packages, for example, an exciting whitewater rafting expedition in Naranjo River.

This river drifts through mountains, beautiful jungle gorges, farmlands and palm plantations and taking advantage of the Costa Rica rafting season (from May to December), the experience will be even more exciting because of the big waves and the spectacular scenery.

The river’s course is steep and challenging, perfect for adventure seekers and most experienced paddlers.

Difficulty: Challenging

What to bring? Rubber-soled shoes that can get, swimsuit, waterproof sunscreen lotion, hat, croakies or straps to secure glasses, clothing change.

Minimum age: 8 years old

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