Green Iguana Project At Kekoldi Indian Reserve


About this activity

Early in the afternoon the participants get picked up to drive to Kekoldi Indian Reserve to visit the Green Iguana Project. A few years ago the Green Iguana was an endangered species and Indigenous people decided to save them through reproducing them in captivity.
On this tour the guests visit a Bribri indigenous family that has an iguana farm.  It consist in watching the process of care and the different stages that take place for the iguanas to be born, to grow and to reproduce.  The purpose of this Bribri people is to repopulate the forest with this endangered species, so that when the iguanas have an optimal size, they are set free into nature.  The iguana is part of the food of the indigenous population.
Also it is very interesting to learn about the indigenous culture, their philosophy, their belief.  Tight in the property it is possible to learn about medicinal plants, because one of the founders of the project, a woman named Juanita, is the daughter of a shaman and knows a lot about the medical use of the plants. With buying souvenirs visitors support the family.

Includes: Transportation, tour guide, entrance fee.

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